Mar 27

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Antimatter particles are sub-atomic particles with properties opposite those of normal matter particles. For example, a positron is the antiparticle equivalent of the electron and has a positive charge. When a particle and its antiparticle meet, they annihilate (nullify/ destroy), releasing massive amounts of energy, according to Einstein’s famous equation E=mc^2, where E is equal to energy, m is equal to mass, and c is the speed of light.

Antimatter particles are created in ultra high-speed collisions. In the first moments after the Big Bang, only energy existed. As the universe cooled and expanded, particles of both matter and antimatter were produced in equal amounts.

But antimatter is rare in today’s universe. Scientists aren’t sure why. One theory suggests more normal matter was created than antimatter in the beginning, so that even after mutual annihilation there was enough normal matter left to form stars, galaxies and us.

The phenomenon was first predicted in 1928 by English physicist Paul Dirac. He first proposed the existence of antiparticles when he derived equations which would work for an electron with a negative charge and an electron with a positive charge—an antiparticle. His predictions were confirmed with experiments in 1932 by American physicist Carl Anderson.

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  1. Mike.Schonvisky

    I have been thinking about AntiMatter | Science Articles for sometime now. I’m glad I google and read this article.

  2. Hasanuddin

    Correction: There was a slight error within this article. It was stated in this article,

    “more normal matter was created than antimatter in the beginning, so that even after mutual annihilation there was enough normal matter left to form stars, galaxies and us.”

    Actually, that contradicts the created equal 50:50 theorum stated earlier. The true traditional recitation is that antimatter “decayed asymetrically” (quicker), i.e., it vanished, leading to an all matter Universe. (Which despite “universal attraction” is paradoxically expanding at an ever increasing rate.) Also paradoxical about the traditional assumptions is the fact that all the antimatter didn’t just vanish & that there is a massive antimatter cloud (MAC) that surrounds the center of the galaxy, see www. esa. int/esaSC/ SEMKTX2MDAF_index_0.html

    A more modern approach ultimately shows that the original half of all creation, antimatter, did not all fizzle away and vanish in the first seconds. Rather because of dueling repulsion and attraction the well-documented process of “self-assembly” would occur. Cut to chase, this leads to galaxies that are either one type or the other. We happen to live in one that is matter. Our closest neighbor is most likely comprised almost solely of antimatter. Mirror processes would be occurring producing light that would be indistinguishable from regular light, because light is the antiparticle of itself.

    This new model is being presented and debated at http:// hypography. com/forums/alternative-theories /18910-the-dominium-model-by-hasanuddin.html

    Come and see the new model’s superior alignment with the physical record.

  3. MishaPowerauto

    Great post Jon! I have been following the #p2 effort since you started it, and although I have understood its purpose this post does a really great job solidifying the full rationale.
    http://www.explainstuff.com – cool!!!!

    1. admin

      We do not have a Jon, in either our contributors, admins or support members.
      I think you might have mistaken.

  4. SergeyNikolaev

    I love these stories! Keep making them!

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