Apr 07

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Fixing Grub error 21 – Ubuntu Installation error


Hey friends,

At last! I downloaded and installed UBUNTU on my laptop.
And ….. yep I had a hiccup… error and not so helpful console 🙁 Grub error 21. Luckily I had another computer to Goooogle about it :p

How much do I wish it had taken less than 6 hours 🙁 I’m sleepy

The evening With Grub error 21: (11:50 PM CST)

I downloaded the iso file from Ubuntu official download site.
Created a disk out of it using a free iso maker.
Just search free iso cd/dvd maker and you’ll get it.
Or use the one that Ubuntu site points out as free.
I was trying to install ubuntu on a separate SATA drive. My laptop came with a 80 GB hard disk, and I attached a 320 GB hard disk to my laptop with an adapter as a USB drive.

What I did Initially before I saw Grub Error 21? (Blunder)

I restarted my system after making the disk and then installed it over the default disk without making any changes to the connections. My laptop’s harddisk is still the default one and the other is still just a slave. All the installation finished and then it asked me to remove the disk from the drive and restart the computer. ERROR
Why in the world can’t I get anything working on the first shot?

It said GRUB 21 Error.
and just sat there doing nothing….. very really helpfull :-X …. SO, I went to my other computer gooooooooogled and saw that it probably messed up my previous Master Boot Record 😮 What in the world is that 😮

Goooogle again as to how I fix that.

Fixing your MBR (Master Boot Record)

Take your XP or what ever OS you have installed on your disk initially and go to the place where it says fix previous installation. It re-did my MBR and I could then boot my default drive successfully.

What I did next to fix Grub error 21 ? (Probably Correct and best Procedure)

I took out the default hard drive from the laptop and then inserted my new hard disk into position. Then inserted the Ubuntu disk and started the installation. Installation ended successfully and I now have a good working Ubuntu drive.

Yay congratulations Ubuntu Grub Error 21 is fixed !!!!

Hopefully you’ll not take a big chunk out of your day! Please leave some comments on what is going on with your try and if my post has been useful!

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