Apr 24

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Explain Stuff | Fact of the day | Install Windows XP Unattended.

You can install XP unattended, so you won’t have to sit through the installation process if you are upgrading from another operating system. Simply follow these steps:

1. Insert your Windows XP CD-Rom
2. Double-click on the My computer icon
3. Double-click on the CD-Rom Drive icon
4. Go to the ‘SupportTools’ sub-folder
5. Double-click on the ‘DEPLOY.CAB’ file
7. Select your target path
8. Click OK to extract the files
9. Go to the folder where you extracted the files
10. Double-click on the CHM files one at a time to read the detailed guidelines on how to install XP in automated unattended mode
11. Run ‘SETUP.MGR’, which will guide you through the process of creating an ‘UNATTEND.TXT’ file

Let us know how it went!

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