May 14

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Is there something special that you do when you are stressed out?

When I was actively participating in the stock market about an year back. I used to go read a lot of blogs every 40-45 minutes to keep my brain fresh. Usually reading a blog, reading something funny or interesting, gets the brain energized again. That’s what we learn when we were kids, usually each class lasted around 50-60 minutes, just for this one reason. But, somehow we miss that at work and hence the lack of interest and enthusiasm. That’s the main reason I started explainstuff.com Make a habit of going around the web like a spider once every few minutes and make http://www.explainstuff.com a stop in one of those crawls.

I post some interesting concepts and explain them briefly at http://www.explainstuff.com. When you visit please leave some comments. That way you share what you know about that concept ! (sharing always helps!)

Also, if you want me to post about a topic do let me know in the comments section!

Bookmark http://www.explainstuff.com , feel relieved from this financial markets for a few minutes and gain knowledge at the same time!

Note: I won’t post any financial related topics. I am writing it to help ‘me and you’ divert some time off our brain and give it some rest. Please don’t leave spam, I want us to enjoy the time there.

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  1. Anonymous

    A very nicely organized and detailed article on Is there something special that you do when you are stressed out?

  2. Brenda

    I just close my eyes and take a minute off and I’m alright again.

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