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  1. Mark

    But it is way costly to travel with your money for the luxury for about 3-5 hours! I wouldn’t go First if it were my money, if they upgrade it why not! Congrats on your first class flight!

  2. Karen

    I know it is fun! but who’ll give that much money! I would like to fly first class toooo if someone gets the ticket for me :p

  3. Phil

    Congrats to your sister on her graduation!

  4. ramana

    Dude! I am sooo jealous of you. I wish my next flight gets cancelled and they do that to me!

  5. admin

    yeah it is fun, but don’t ask for a cancellation! I was just lucky because I’m a frequent flier with Delta and continental. And I think I was super lucky to get that offer. Don’t ask for a cancellation, you’ll most probably end up in the airport and get a completely different route and either tooo much time at layover stops or too little time… It can be a real mess. unless you are very very lucky!

  6. Raj

    Did you get her phone number? Or may be you could have gotten a hotel room in Detroit with her! That would have been ‘worth the money’

  7. admin

    hahaha …not really that desperate ………..donno wat to write….

  8. Brenda

    kewl, I haven’t yet flown first class. I’m sure it’s fun.

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