Jun 07

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Steps to ‘Downloading and installing Eclipse’

The best way to do is to get the file system as a zip file from the eclipse site and then extract it to wherever you want your eclipse to be.

Downloading Eclipse:

Eclipse website has a bunch of mirror sites where you can download it from. So, choosing the nearest one gets you the software quicker 😉

This page over here has all the possible eclipse downloads listed depending on your requirement.

Because, I work with Java and I work on enterprise application on a windows platform I am downloading the first one listed as ‘Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (163 MB) If you takes you to a new page with a bunch of mirror sites, then select one and download the software. That gives us the zip file.

I extracted it to my D: directly. (I have my windows installed in my D: so I usually put all my installations into D: Most of you have it as C: So, please don’t follow me blindly!)

That’s it downloading and installing eclipse is done!

Just for convenience, go into the eclipse folder.

Eclipse folder

Right click on the eclipse.exe –> Send To –>Desktop (Create Shortcut)

Fire it up by double clicking it! Eclipse IDE is all yours now!! Congratulations!

Visit the Integrated Development Environment page

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