Jun 11

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Subclipse integrates Subversion with Eclipse

Well, you now know how to download and install eclipse from an earlier post. I remember having spoon fed you on how to download, install, configure, and checking code using subversion from command prompt earlier.
If you have any doubts about those two leave your comments on the respective posts.

Aren’t we in the 21st century? Are we still expected to work on the command prompt and notepad? Aren’t we entitled to have a Graphical interface where we can see, where in the world are we creating our projects, where we will be creating our tags and branches? I think we do. And so do many tool developers think 😉 One of the mostly used tool to integrate Subversion with eclipse is Subclipse.

You can go here to the tigris website and download, install and then configure it to work with eclipse and fight with it if it does not. Or you can follow a simple secret I tell you 😉 finish configuring Subclipse with Eclipse in 10 minutes and then browse ebay/amazon etc for some good deals or read some posts at explainstuff and teach yourself and your kids something and then tell your manager it still is not done and you are facing some configuration issues with that deceptive worried look on the face 😉

ok ok enuf ….that’s enough time spent in dreams…back to work….

Fire up your eclipse, and then go to Help–> Software Updates–>Available Softwares and then click on the Add site on the right hand side.

A smaller window pops up with a location for you to enter the url where it should look up for the plugin. The current version of subclipse available is 1.6 and hence the link would be

http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.6.x This has been the convention since the begining. They are keeping the URL same and just updating the version number, that way you don’t have to always go to the site and fetch for the url. Whenever you know a new version of subclipse has been released, just replace current version number by the latest number in the add site and you are done!

The eclipse svn kit also comesup as soon as you click on OK at the Add site box

I checked the both the packages wholly. That way I get all features and I don’t have to do this again later. It looks like this.

software updates addons while installing subclipse on eclipse

software updates addons while installing subclipse on eclipse

That’s it! You Got Subclipse! You no longer need to work on that pathetic Command prompt and feel like you are beating round the bush when you are committing some files to a project! Congratulations!

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