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Jul 31

Obesity Health problems and Risks

Obesity is a growing problem that we hear about on a daily basis. Newscasts and talk shows dedicate themselves to discussing the obesity problem. The question for many is what exactly is obesity and what is the difference between being obese and merely overweight? Also, what health risks are there to being obese? Click the title to read more.

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Jul 29

Common Cold – Cure, Remedy and Treatment

‘The cure for the common cold.’ It might be one of the most elusive but often searched for remedy in the world. At one point or another almost everyone struggles with a common cold treatment. Sometimes they work, sometimes they are old wives tales that really have no ability to cure the common cold at all. Click the title to read more in depth about Common Cold.

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Jul 28

High Blood Pressure – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

This article concentrates on explaining what is considered High Blood pressure, causes of high blood pressure, various symptoms of high blood pressure, and how to prevent high blood pressure from damaging the most valuable asset anyone could have – The body. Click on the title to read more.

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