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Make a First Impression at New Job – 10 tips

Well first of all getting a job in this market is a wonderful thing! Cheers and Congrats!
Yes, the worst is over! Hunting job boards, forwarding your resume to hundreds of recruiters, calling many people only to find out they are either not currently hiring or they have found someone else sheeeeesh….. I would be ecstatic that this is over!

Landing in a job is for sure the best thing and very very relieving. But, if you think that your tough days are over…Think Again and come back to reality from that wonderland.

Remember the old saying – First Impression is the best!!!
So, make a good first impression during the first days on job.
If you make a positive first impression, you are off to a flier! Your life at work gets simpler and you will love your work life. But, if unfortunately you end up making a negative impression, it would be very smooth to say, future is going to be very difficult. In this post, I will point out 10 simple tips to avoid landing into that unfortunate negative impression early at a new job. I will state how to make a good first impression, and how to be in the first days of a new job and achieve a positive reputation.

Whether it be your boss or just some other co-worker, you should always present your Best at work. First few days at a new job can be very hectic. More so, if you have been hired into a corporate environment.

Well, you need to pose the best you can, at least during the first few days. But how can we do this? Do I just speak politely or be obliged to everybody? Do I go to work in a suit everyday? Do I not take lunch? Do I work 10 hours a day? Do I try and help my co-workers? Do I take my co-workers to lunch? Oh well there will be a million questions. Some of them are ‘Yes you do’ and some are ‘No you should not!’.

Well, everything depends on the kind of the job you are hired for. Well, I don’t think your boss expects you to wear a suit, if you are hired for as a computer technician. Generally speaking, be appropriate and blend with co-workers. Don’t try to be over smart or you’ll get branded as a show – off.

Here are some tips as to how one should be in the first few days.

1) Mangers take new hires around to meet with others. Try to get a company organization chart and try to at least remember the names of the people who you think, you would most interact with. Addressing people using their names, makes them feel they know you better. Apologize and ask for their name, when you forget somebody’s names is the best solution.

2) Don’t rush into doing your first assignments without knowing any business knowledge! Most managers, make sure they don’t bombard new hires with loads of work, rather they give work encompassing the whole system, so you get to know the whole organization better. Understanding what you are working on initially makes your life easier later.

3) Maintain a positive attitude!
Always express a positive attitude. Show enthusiasm when you are given any tasks. But don’t show it off too much or you run into the risk of a hyper active/ show off.

4) Team Work: Initially, someone would help you discover issues, learn the procedures and performing initial tasks, always state their names or at least say “We did it” instead of “I did it”

5) Always dress appropriately. Dress professionally depending on the job. They don’t expect you to wear a tie and a suit to jobs where nobody wear a suit. But at the same time, don’t show up to work in torn jeans and tennis shoes.
Shave neatly and with more precision than how a lady would do before going out for a date!
Don’t Forget: Be a Roman in Rome!

6) Ask questions: There are no dumb questions! Ask as many questions as you get. But, only after your initial research. When you want to ask something, do your own research first. Google is the best way to start. But, if you are unable to find anything, just ask your co-workers, or find out who the person of contact is for such issues for future.

7) Don’t take off initially: Work full days. Do not take off or vacation in the first three months. Only take a sick leave in the first three months, only if you are really really sick. I would advice attending work and then taking off, even if you are very sick, that shows your commitment and your eagerness to come to work.

8 ) Always smile: Always have a smile on your face. Don’t look like, ‘I just killed my wife’s pet’ Smile and wish everybody you see/pass by. If possible strike up small conversations with co-workers every now and then. It shows, you are friendly and are willing to make friendly relationships. Well, don’t cross the border, or you’ll out for sexual harrassment :p

9) Never Gossip: Yep, never gossip or even don’t be a part of the group that gossips. Just leave the group making some excuse. There are many people out there, who just start a gossip to get something out of you… and then you know what happens the next day.

10) Listen: I know this isn’t the first time someone has said this. But, listen a lot more than you talk. Do not ever interrupt someone while they are talking, or explaining you something. Don’t argue when some one is trying to help you. If some one is giving you a wrong information by mistake, just let them finish and then say,”I think this might not be 100% true, because….” and then show some kind of proof or written place where it is not correct. That way the other person knows that you listened to his/her explanation completely and that you are not just trying to find faults.

The first few days can be hectic, with all the paper work, enrolling into the organization, submitting all the insurance paper work, 401K paperwork, reading all the documentation, trying to figure out how things are done at this company, making friends, knowing co-workers etc etc etc….. Hopefully, these tips will help you make a good first impression during your first days on job. But, still you should make it a point to follow at least these 10 steps. If you have some other tips you might want to share, don’t forget to point them out in the comments section.

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