Jul 16

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Best Adsense Layout? Adsense placement Tips and layouts.

The adsense optimization issue

I have been testing google adsense on ‘Explain Stuff‘ site as I am doing some adsense optimization. And I come to this conclusion that more google adsense ads you put on the landing frame, (My reference to [B]frame[/B] here would be the visible portion of the screen the user sees when he/she lands on the page), the higher the bounce rate is.

Why I think so?

Layout 1

I used to have two big rectangles (336X268 ? )right below the post header, which is below the page header. So, it looked like this:

Layout 1:
Adsense placement layout example 1

So, when a user lands all he sees is a header and a title and an ad. Well this did bring some revenue. About $2.3 on average for 15 days , but bounce rate was above 90%. Well, honestly who wants to read stuff on a site which looks like a spam brewer?
Layout 2

Adsense layout placement example 2

Then I made changes to the lay out and put an ad on the top of the screen, above the header, on rectangle box below the post title, and one between posts. Well here the bounce rate decreased a little but it was still around 80s but the adsense revenue went down considerably to less than a dollar to 0 some days. May be people didn’t like the block above the header?

I actually expected this layout to generate more adsense revenue, considering that ads and the content were inter mingled. Well for some reason, nope that wasn’t true.

I’m trying a new layout now. I want users to come back, I do not want a user who clicks an ad makes me a buck but thinks this is a bad(spam) site. I WANT bounce rate to go down.

With affiliate ads, on the site, the site for sure has become colorful, but well we have to see how it affects the bounce rate and the ad generation from adsense and affiliate links. I want to know what you all think about the current placement, and why adsense revenue dropped in the second case? Also discuss some tips on the best adsense placement.

Finally, before I post a few questions I have on my research, I would like to post what I understand.

Google Adsense ads quantity is directly proportional to boune rate and inversely proportional to the adsense revenue generated.

Feel free to critique!

Also a couple of questions…
Did I try these layouts for too little time?
Were these layouts wrong/obviously less adsense revenue generating?
Do you think the current layout would be best for both the user and the site owner?

What do you think? Post it in comments.

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  1. Caramoan Tour Package Blog

    I recently added an Adsense square ads on my travel blog. my adsense earning is still low since i dont have large volume of internet traffic yet.

  2. imyideas

    Nice info. I have placed ads inside the text as in the case of lay out 2. But the orientation is towards right.
    So I think i should change the adsense part to the left side of the content.

  3. Bill

    Am I too late to the party? The video has been pulled … or was that a dummy block? At any rate, I’m having trouble figuring out just where the ads are you want us to look at.

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