Jul 29

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Common Cold – Cure, Remedy and Treatment

‘The cure for the common cold.’ It might be one of the most elusive but often searched for remedy in the world. At one point or another almost everyone struggles with a common cold treatment. Sometimes they work, sometimes they are old wives tales that really have no ability to cure the common cold at all.

The simple answers to a common cold cure are the same ones our mothers have been telling us for years. Drink plenty of fluids and gargle with salt water. These common cold remedies do actually work. The first because it helps to loosen congestion and keep the common cold sufferer from becoming dehydrated. Salt water gargles also act as a treatment by helping to relieve the sore throat often associated with the common cold. In addition, that chicken soup your grandmother always called her common cold cure actually does work. Chicken soup was shown in studies to help cure the common cold by working as an anti-inflammatory and by helping move mucous and congestion through the nose faster.

Over the counter medications sometimes work in treatment of the common cold. They will probably not work as a common cold cure but they can relieve symptoms. The use of humidifiers that add moisture to the air are a common cold treatment. They can help to remedy the sore throat and stuffy nose associated with the common cold. If you are thinking about using over the counter medications… we would say, use Free Medical Camps to locate you a free medical camp near your residence, as most camps usually give out some medicines for free.

Another remedy for symptoms associated with the common cold are saline nasal sprays. Again, although not a cure these sprays can lessen the symptoms caused by a common cold.

Several herbs and vitamins can also remedy the common cold. Although there is no clear cure in using them, it does seem that they help in combating the common cold. Vitamin C seems to help people who do physical or athletic activity in cold weather prevent the common cold. Echinacea is a must have for some people as a cure for the common cold. It also seems to show some effectiveness as a remedy if taken in the early onset of symptoms. Zinc is a mineral that is also affective as a type of common cold cure. It can be taken as a lozenge or as a nasal spray within 48 hours of the first common cold sniffle.

Since there is not true common cold cure it is likely that the most important of all common cold treatments is taking care of yourself. When you feel worn out or tired, rest. Wear warm clothes when it is cold outside and try to spend only as much time as you have to in cold dry conditions. Use good hygiene, especially during cold and flu season. Wash your hands often. Avoid physical contact with those who have colds. Avoid rubbing your eyes, nose and mouth. Cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow rather then your hand when you cough or sneeze. These tips can help you avoid the common cold which might be the best common cold cure of all.

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  1. Simon

    “Thirty trials involving 11,350 participants suggest that regular ingestion of vitamin C has no effect on common cold incidence in the ordinary population.”

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    Great headline. If your cookie has a bite-sized action and your reader completes the action, I think two things happen. Their self-confidence goes up (which feels good) and their trust in you increases.

  3. Acne Treatment and Medication

    I usually take lots of Vitamin-C and Citrus Fruit to avoid getting the Common Cold. Exercise also helps a lot in boosting the immune system.

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