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Obesity Health problems and Risks

Obesity is a growing problem that we hear about on a daily basis. Newscasts and talk shows dedicate themselves to discussing the obesity problem. The question for many is what exactly is obesity and what is the difference between being obese and merely overweight? Also, what health risks are there to being obese?

The answer to the first question is simple. Obesity for an adult is having a body mass index of more then 30. The Body Mass Index is a measurement of fat, a figure based on height and weight. A normal BMI is between 19-25, overweight is from 25.5-30. There are many calculators available on line to determine BMI, this can also be done by a health professional.

Obesity is caused by a number of factors. It is often not just someone who eats too much who has an obesity problem, although taking in too many calories can cause obesity. There are genetic factors at play that can make one person more predisposed to an obesity problem then another. Those people, who for example, have obese family members or a large waist circumference need to be more diligent then others so that they do not become obese and therefore have the health problems that go along with it.

The obesity problem lies though not just in the numbers. Obesity can cause a wide range of health problems. The obesity problem is constantly addressed for because of the many problems related to obesity and health. The major risk associated with obesity is death. Obese people are more likely to die at a younger age then those of average weight. They die of many complications from obesity.

There are extremely serious health problems that afflict those who suffer with obesity including, heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes. All of these health problems caused by obesity are potentially deadly. In addition the obesity problem can also cause less deadly but equally debilitating health issues such as respiratory problems, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, gout, and gall bladder disease.

Aside from the physical problems that obesity causes to your health it can also cause serious emotional issues. People with an obesity problem are often ostracized in society. Living in a world where appearance means a great deal is difficult when one struggles with obesity. Because of this someone who is obese will often feel ashamed, alone and depressed. The problem of obesity is then not only related to our physical but also our mental health.

It is always better to stay fit, but if you are one of those who fall into the Obesse group. It is better late than never. If you are afraid of the medical bills and are scared of the hospital scenarios, why not go to one of those free medical camps, where they do most preliminary checks, write prescriptions and also hand out some free medicines! Also you can get a professional advice, on how your diet plan should be and what you might have to do to stay safe!
Although obesity is a difficult problem to overcome, it is in the public eye because of the great number of problems that it causes. For an adult checking your body mass index to ensure that it is under 30 and ideally under 25.5 is a measurement to see if you are at risk for obesity and the health problems associated with being obese. Obesity related health problems include but are not limited to everything from respiratory problems, to depression, to cancer, and death.

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