Oct 27

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SpongeTech – The Smarter Sponge – Short Article

SpongeTech is an innovative family of products to make life easier and a step closer to spoilt 😉 Spongetech is a company that makes sponge that is ready to be used as a soap for kids, washer, car washer, to clean your dogs and many more uses based on the variety of products offered by Spongetech.The company boasts that their sponges are good for up to 8 uses each. SpongeTech sponge-based products utilize SpongeTech’s proprietary, patent (and patent-pending) technologies involving hydrophilic (liquid absorbing) foam and polyurethane matrices.

SpongeTech also boasts that their products are earth friendly. It is because you use the same sponge more than once….8 times! The technology they use in making these sponges enables them to pre-fill them soap/detergent/dish-washer or for that reason whatever product they want to infuse into the sponge. Spongetech sponges are designed in a way to only diffuse the soapy material in the sponge but not to absorb any water or any liquid for that matter. SpongeTech sponge’s also come with a pre-filled substance to negate the odor from the sponge.There are a variety of products that fall into the five categories mentioned below.

1)      Auto Care
2)      Child Care.
3)      Home and Beauty Care.
4)      Pet Care.
5)      Medical Care.

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In all these 4 categories they offer a deluge of products varying from SpongeBob Soap Filled bath sponge to Car Sponge and Wax! Most of the products that SpongeTech Offers are priced around a very affordable $7 – $20 price range!! SpongeTech is now selling in stores near you like, Kmart, CVS etc. To see all the stores that sell Spongetech Sponges and products visit spongetech’s marketing web page at

Forget about going to a car wash and spending $5 – $10  every wash when you can just use a SpongeTech Sponge not once, not twice, not thrice but 8 times, for just below $11. You don’t even need a bucket full of water! Just wet the sponge and see the magic!!!  If you have used the SpongeTech Sponge before let our users know as to how your experience was and whether you are going to buy them again!

If you have been watching any sports lately on TV, you might have already noticed banners of Spongetech and wondered ‘What the heck is Spongetech?’ Now you know the answer to that! They have been, marketing on the sports front increasingly and signing newer contracts with sports varying from Tennis, Baseball, Basketball and boxing! Visit http://www.spongetechinc.com/marketing to read more about their marketing and strategies to get to the consumer.

If you are interested in the technology and think of this as a booming market read further from an investment perspective. The numbers and the information in this post have been taken directly from Spongetech’s website http://www.spongetechs.com

Image and video hosting by TinyPic SpongeTech® Delivery Systems, Inc. is a publicly traded company bearing symbol spng.pk. It was trading in OTCBB as SPNG.OB very nearby in the past. SPNG failed to report it’s 10K on time, filed for a delay in putting out 10K, and failed to produce a 10K even then due to some problems with their auditors. It has been de-listed from OTCBB and since been trading as SPNG.PK. Due to the sudden deluge of news from tabloids that the management from the company was reporting mis-information that their boasted sales and profits were not real, SEC had to step in and halt the trading for about a week. SPNG started trading back again now as SPNG.PK. They still have the numbers they have been boasting about the sales and profits on the website but these numbers are still unverified or unaudited. If you want to see SpongeTechs results visit their Investor Relations webpage at http://www.spongetechinc.com/investor.

When the company announced their results and talked about a buy back and getting listed in Nasdaq, SpongeTech’s shares rocket to as high as 28 cents  0.28 in September. It is trading around 4-6 cents as of now which is way off from the highs. Considering it is a true company and they have certain sales, looks like it might be a good investment from explainstuff’s perspective, if at least a little of the boasted increase in revenues is true! Don’t forget to leave your comments as to what you think of the company!

Here is a link to the chart of Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (Public, OTC:SPNG) taken from Google Finance.

http://www.Explainstuff.com is not responsible for any mis-information or erroneous/mis-leading information on the site. Please go through all SEC filings, use your discretion, talk to people at SpongeTech, and talk to your Financial Advisor/Broker before you invest/trade any security.

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    I’m sharing this post on x General Articles my facebook wall.

  2. frank

    this is a nice ‘article’ BUT until there is DEFINITE release of VERIFIED sales/profit it’s just a penny stock & very risky. AND i’m a shareholder!
    the products (esp. the car wash sponge) HAS been tested & rec. VERY GOOD results.

  3. Goerge(Penny Stock Investor)

    I have come across this stock on hyper growth stock, they give daily Penny Stock Video Alerts.I have invested in this stock after going through the stock analysis.

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