Jun 16

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High Blood Pressure Diets |Foods to Avoid| Short Article

We talked about High Blood Pressure Causes, Symptoms, and prevention. This topic focuses completely on high blood pressure diets, foods for high blood pressure, foods to avoid and how following these steps help in lowering high blood pressure.
High Blood Pressure is not a condition that occurs overnight. We get it because of the food habits, psychological pressures, smoking, and the conditions around us overtime. The condition develops slowly and one day when you go to the doctor, you and the doctor both realize you have High blood pressure. There is no ‘one shot’, ‘one medication’ that the patient is given and then the patient lives ‘Happily ever after’! It is a longer process than that. Eating a good diet, regular exercise, will help you immensely in re-building your health. There are various healthy high blood pressure diets. Most of the high blood pressure diets avoid sodium and saturated fats. As you might have already read here, that one of the main reasons for High Blood Pressure is consumption of more salts and fatty foods.
Now to talk about the foods for High blood pressure, eat green vegetables, create a wide variety of foods by mixing and matching various vegetables!

High Blood Pressure diets

Create your own recipes, for ex, add tomatoes and olives on a wheat bread, put it in the oven and eat it one day. If you love cooking or making food, high blood pressure diets are very easy to make. Add a variety of salads to this diet. Eat more vegetables like summer squash, orange relish, tomatoes, radish, broccoli, corn, carrots, scallions, turnip, cauliflower, celery etc. Create fruit salads, these are delicious as well as fun to eat! Add bananas, apples, pine-apples, strawberries to your menu! Many people don’t have time to cook and that it the main reason they ‘drive thru’ one of the nearest fast food restaurant which is an invitation to high-blood-pressure-ville. Stay away from those places. If you don’t have time to sit and enjoy your delicious breakfast or lunch, create a fruit-shake out of the fruits and take it with you and drink it. If you get bored of fruit shakes every day, make vegetable mixes every now and then, they are not as bad as people say they are.

High blood pressure foods to avoid

At any cost avoid canned soups and vegetables, pizzas, pancake mixes, sausages and other processed meats, cookies, instant noodles and similar foods. All these above mentioned foods are rich in sodium and can be considered enemies of a high blood pressure diet. You only need around 500mg of salt everyday for daily functions. Most people take enormously higher amounts than that. Making sure your diet is full of fresh vegetables, fruits and non-processed foods will ensure you mostly stay around that range.

It is a very brave and a necessary step you took to move to a high blood pressure diet low in salts. Always remember ‘Whats yummy for your mouth could be disastrous for your tummy’. Think before you gulp something down because it’s yummy!

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