Jun 23

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GMAT Test, GMAT Format, and GMAT Scoring

If you are reading this, you probably are already researching about what GMAT is and how it would be helpful for you to get into a business school. Initiative is the first and most difficult step one takes and you have already crossed that barrier. Congratulations!

GMAT is an abbreviated form of Graduate Management Admission Test. GMAT is a standardized test, which most business schools use to assess, how qualified a candidate is, in quantitative aptitude, critical reasoning, analytical thinking, ease of writing, flow of thought and other important skills needed to get through management and business programs with ease.

Is GMAT mandatory for Business School Admissions?

Though, it is true that there are some schools that do not mandate GMAT, most Ivy League business schools (cream layer), ‘A’ grade schools and ‘B’ grade schools require that you take GMAT and prove your mettle in it.  Also, the other schools that do not mandate GMAT might require considerably higher experience.

GMAT is one of the 3 most important things that the most business school admission departments concentrate on. The other two being your academic scores and industry experience.

GMAT Test Format

GMAT is a three module test that measures your basic analytical writing, mathematical and verbal skills. More often than not, you’ll see the modules list in the above presented order. In the first module that is about writing, you will have to write an analysis of an argument and an analysis of an issue. The next two modules, Quantitative and Verbal have questions that are multiple-choice where you are provided with 5 choices, and you need to choose one correct answer out of the five given. You can find more about exactly what you can find in these modules in a different post. We will be talking about the format of the test in this article.

GMAT is a Computer-Adaptive Test shortly abbreviated as CAT. A Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) is a test in which the testing program constantly tries to gauge your performance in the test and tries to present you the questions that are more suitable or apt to your skill level. Some people believe that this gauging, is based on a set of questions rather than just one question, whereas others believe that the gauging is done every question.

GMAT Test Scoring

GMAT test scoring is done in multiples of 10. The maximum GMAT test score you can get is 800 and the minimum score you can get is 200. You also get a Verbal and quantitative scores individually which range from 0 to 60. The Analytical Writing score ranges from 1 to 6. GMAT score report will also have a percentile value for each module showing what percentile of people you outperformed. For ex: If you are 94th percentile, you scored better than 94% of the people who have taken the test.

GMAT Test Format and Scoring initially looks complicated, but once you get to know the format better it is very clear and actually enables you to concentrate more on the specific sections of the test modules that you need to concentrate on. We will put in more articles to help you understand the dynamics of scoring, much detailed explanation on each section/module on the GMAT Test.

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