Jun 27

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How Internet articles can build your business

No doubt you have come across some very informative articles online, and while many of them might have been from sources that were not credible, no doubt you found many that did answer questions you had and were from credible sources. Information is power, and in this case it can mean money.

Why do you think companies provide free information or will offer resources about topics in their field? It’s the same reason why we have infomercials or why drug companies fund research or car and petroleum companies fund energy research projects. They know that if the research should prove successful, it could mean big bucks for them.

The great thing is you can use this same concept to your advantage. Customers hate businesses that only push for a sale instead of educating their customers about the choices available. That’s not to say you have to highlight the competition, but acknowledge it. How does this relate to internet articles and building a business?

We’ll use a scenario to explain our point. Say for instance you have a company that offers bespoke web design services then the most natural thing you will want is to attract the online as well as offline customers. But what if people do not know about the particular tea you are selling. For example, green tea and peppermint tea are all very common, but what about the less common types? Sometimes we don’t know why we need a product until we know its importance.

Putting together a few articles about the benefits of tea and how it can not only relax but calm the nerves as well as alleviate certain medical conditions can provide valuable resources to potential buyers. Most naturally, a person in the market for a good tea reading a very informative article about a particular tea will most naturally be persuaded to give it a try. This is where you can interject your marketing campaign into and possibly land a sale or two.

Some ways you could use such an article to attract potential customers is including your website in the article as a reference for the tea you are talking about. Including a coupon for readers of the article is another great way. Remember, marketing 101: people always like it when they think they are getting a deal, even if they are not apt to advertise their find.

Once your article is done, you can market it in many ways. The best way to start is to submit it to a couple e-zines, maybe a few blogs and of course you can start your own blog and use it as a way to provide useful information on the subject as well as direct prospective clients to your sales site. The possibilities are endless, but these are just a few helpful tips and suggestions.

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