Jul 19

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Dealing with Depression and Gender Bias

Studies by psychologists and psychiatrists alike have shown that depression tends to associate itself based on gender.  When the patient amongst the subjects conducted was believed to be female, they were more likely than not to be diagnosed of a hysterical personality, believed to be more of a ‘women’s disorder‘.  Whenever the subject of the diagnosis was a male, they were more often than not diagnosed as having an antisocial personality, which is deemed most commonly as a ‘male disorder’.

Controversy in regards to gender and gender bias towards depression:

PMS is attributed to women and can bring its complications such as stress and at times depression in varying degrees.  PMS is being considered as being a mental disorder due to its ability to result in varying forms of depression from mild to severe in some women.

Some women may experience depression that comes along with PMS and this can result in the increased chances of irritability and impatience, with the potential for other mental and physical discomfort.  There is a more severe case of PMS that psychiatrists and psychologists intend to study. This severe case of PMS is known as PMDD and can be mentally draining, which is why it affects mental health to the extreme form.

You can control your worries as well as improve your mental health by allowing your mind some time to regain some calm and balance through exercises such as yoga. There is no set time that you should start to take charge of your own mental health, it is better however to take control as soon as you can, since prevention is key.  If you happen to be experiencing symptoms of mental distress such as PMDD or any other form of severe depression, it is best to speak with a qualified professional as soon as you can.  Depression can extensively damage your mental well being and lead to other severe forms of depression if left untreated.

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