Jul 21

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How to Improve the Condition of Your Cells

How to Improve the Condition of Your Cells

The symptoms of stress and anxiety, whether physical or mental, can affect any system of the body due to the damage they cause at a cellular level. Cells have a life span so they are always in the process of being renewed. That means that by the end of the year you will probably have a completely different set of cells from those you had only a year earlier – so theoretically that means a new you. When a cell needs to be replaced, it clones itself so that the replacement cell can continue doing the same job without any disruption to the body. If you have healthy cells, then these will be replaced by healthy cells but, if your cells have suffered from damage and are weakened by lack of resources, you will end up with weak cells that could become damaged or dysfunctional. This means that your cells will be less able to cope with the things you throw at it, and a continuing lack of resources will weaken it still further. When these cells are replaced, they are more likely to be badly put together and less likely to function effectively. This makes your body even less able to cope and so it goes on. If we put this into context, your cells make you, the person, so if you have had a particularly difficult year, continuously poor diet or just been burning the candle at both ends for too long then, by the end of the year, your health and well-being will go into decline. This is why health problems emerge over time rather than just appearing – it is the result of your body slowly crumbling under the pressure.

The good news is that you can improve the condition of your cells pretty quickly. The more you invest in the early stages, the quicker the results. Your body does its own repair. You just need to create the right environment to enable that to happen. It will have taken more than one thing over time to finally tip the balance of your health, so the best way to recovery is to use a strategy that combines everything that benefits your body and excludes anything that doesn’t.

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