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3 Common Causes of Aging – Smoking, Stress, Pollution

3 Common Causes of Aging – Smoking, Stress, Pollution

Aging is something that nobody in their right mindset would want. None of us wants to look or turn old. But it is an inevitable process that the body undergoes because of the daily usage of the cells and organs in our body. There are many causes and factors that lead to quicker aging. These factors contribute in making you age faster. Today we’ll talk about three of the most common Causes of Aging.

Smoking – Common Cause of Aging

It’s beyond any non-smoker why anyone would still want to smoke after knowing how most bodily organs are affected by inhalation of the toxins involved. Perhaps we can appeal to their vanity by stating that smoking can also be destructive to your skin.

Formally, there are varying opinions about the effects of smoking on the skin. Some studies have found smoking doesn’t harm the skin drastically, while others dispute such claims. It has been proved in many researches that smoking adversely affects the skin in many ways. In fact, you can tell a smoker by his or her skin. Because smoking causes vasocon­striction, or decreased flow of oxygen and nutrients to facial tissue, smokers tend to develop a very sallow appearance. The skin tone is pale and a certain shade of gray. Smokers also get a lot more blackheads; because the pores are dilated owing to a decrease of collagen in the skin and they also don’t heal as quickly as nonsmokers. This last point has even prompted many plastic surgeons to refuse to operate on smokers. At the very least, remember that smoker’s lips are continuously pursed, causing lines on the upper and lower lip lines.

Stress – Common Cause of Aging

A never-ending to-do list, a work schedule that just keeps get­ting more hectic, a boss who thinks that screaming is the best way to stimulate his employees . . . The list is seemingly end­less and very few of us are fortunate enough to never feel its repercussions.

We know what causes stress, but what hasn’t been empha­sized nearly enough is what actually happens in a body under such duress. Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands that is a key player in how well we handle stress. Cortisol serves a helpful purpose by providing us with that extra push to keep going, but when we force our bodies to overproduce it, that’s when things can get hairy. Long-term exposure to Cortisol can produce extensive damage to the body, including weight gain, and is considered a leading cause of premature aging. Plus, all that scowling can lead to permanent wrinkling!

Pollution – Common Cause of Aging

Have you ever taken a walk down a congested city street dur­ing rush hour? If not, consider yourself blessed, since the fumes emanating from the bumper-to-bumper traffic alone are enough to make your skin cry out for help. Our often-mentioned ozone layer is at a scary all-time low, making us more suscepti­ble to breakouts, irritation, and sensitivity. One study found that after prolonged exposure to ozone-depleted areas the skin’s natural vitamin E content plunged by 25 percent. Simi­larly, dust can clog pores and increase the incidence of acne.

If a move to the countryside is not feasible, then try to limit the time you spend in heavily polluted areas.

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