Jul 24

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Shopping For Auto Insurance

Shopping For Auto Insurance

We all hate the dreaded task of buying car insurance.  It is a long process that takes too much time and it is boring but you are required by law to carry it.  Today we are going to talk about different ways to shop for car insurance.

The most time efficient way to shop for car insurance is over the internet.  You can type car insurance into any search engine and thousands of results will appear.  Next you will need to decide which carrier is best for you.  It is always better to go with a well known national company.  It is not recommended buying car insurance from “Joe’s Car Insurance”.  You will surely get poor coverage and poor service.  Choose a provider that has been around for several years and that is well known.

When you choose an auto insurance company, you want to verify its credentials.  A good way to do this is by going to the Better Business Bureau’s website.  You can enter the name of the carrier and check to see if they have a good status.  Once you establish this you can go directly to the insurances website.  Make sure you take your time and read everything very carefully.  You need to enter in all of your information such as your legal name, birth date and social security number.  Most people are very leery of giving their social security number but it is required by all insurance companies.

Once you enter all of your information it will give you different coverage option.  It will tell you what is required by your state as the lowest coverage available.  It will also list options with added coverage such as towing and rental car reimbursement.  Be prudent enough to add rental car reimbursement.  The last thing you need when you get into a car accident is worry about a car to drive you back and forth to work.  There is nothing worse than trying to get a ride everywhere you need to go.  Also, get extra bodily injury coverage.  If you are hurt in the accident you will need a source of money to pay your bills until you can return to work.

After you choose your desired coverage it will tell you how much money is required to start the policy.  You need to enter in your billing information and give them a checking account or credit card to process the payment.  The more money you put down the less your monthly payment will be.  Most auto insurance companies also offer a discount if you pay for the entire six month policy.  This can add up to big savings so if you can afford it do it.  Once you complete this step it will take you to a section where you can print your auto insurance identification card.

You will have coverage almost immediately.  You can’t afford to not have auto insurance.  If you are caught without auto insurance you can get a ticket with a fine of up to five hundred dollars.  If you get more than one of these tickets you could face losing your license.  I know times are hard but you really can’t afford to go without auto insurance.

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  1. Mike.Schonvisky

    I have been thinking about Shopping For Auto Insurance for sometime now. I’m glad I google and read this article.

  2. Mark.mint

    Thank you for writing this article – Shopping For Auto Insurance and helping me and many more like me.

  3. Allan

    I’m not sure where you received your information on how to purchase auto or any type of personal lines insurance but, being an independent agent has a lot of advantages over an insurance company that only sells their own product. I also take offense by you saying that “It is always better to go with a well known national company. It is not recommended buying car insurance from “Joe’s Car Insurance”. You will surely get poor coverage and poor service.

    By saying “Joes Car Insurance” I’m assuming you mean an independent agent that sells and performs the service for multiple carriers? If so, you are soooo mistaken. True, you will come across some “Joe’s Car Insurance” types out there but hey, you can also receive poor service from the national captive agents and carriers as well. Not only that but what does a consumer do if they have tickets, at fault accidents or a DUI and the “well known natinal company” will not accept them?

    There is real value by going through an independent agent that sell well known national insurance companies such as Progressive, Mercury, Travlers, Safeco, Kemper, Hartford, 21st Century, GMAC Insurance and Viking. There are also some not so well known insurance carriers that strictly operate through the independent agent distribution channel and have VERY high financial ratings through AM Best and provide quality policies at very affordable pricing. Myself can accurately shop over 40 insurance companies, quote, bind and issue a policy with in minutes of being contacted by a consumer with them never having to lift a finger. Try doing that by yourself on the internet!

    Going through the BBB website is one way of checking on a business but for insurance companies, you are better off checking their financial ratings through AM Best. It is the best source and provides accurate and updated info on all insurance carriers rated or not.

    At least in California where I’m from, Social Security numbers are NOT required to obtain insurance for personal lines.

    There are plenty of good and reputable independent agents that you might categorize as “Joes Car Insurance” that do a excellent job on providing policies to consumers with well known and not so well known carriers at affordable pricing and provide superior service to their clients.

    So, your article just illustrates your lack of knowledge regarding this subject and insurance in general. Please do not write articles on things you do not know about. We’re having a hard enough time in this economy to move forward, stay afloat and provide value for our customers as it is.


    Allan Elliott
    An Independent Agent
    CA License 0B60695

    1. admin


      I accept when you say that all independent agents are not similar. But, when I talk about buying insurance, I cannot advocate users to go to individual agents dealing with just one location. I have to consider that my users come from various states and countries. Yes, you are correct, that individual agents can give you better deals than bigger companies. But hey, I don’t know about others, but hey I cannot vouch for some individual agent who I have never spoken or worked with. But, I can recommend bigger firms, based on their vast presence, assets, customer service, reviews etc.

      Also, regarding the individual agents, like you said, there are some of these agents who nobody wants as their insurance agent and don’t want to vouch for the whole set of ‘induviduals’, knowing that these people would also fall into the category.

      But I completely agree that there are better deals and better service providing individual agents out there.
      Let me take a step ahead and make it a point to my readers.

      When someone like Allan takes time to write about 500 words regarding his industry to make a point, the commitment he is showing here, makes me believe that this is one of those guys, who stands with his customers and takes care of them in case of any incident. I would recommend you pay him a visit if you are shopping around in the locations he covers!

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