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How to Increase Your Energy

How to Increase Your Energy

Take a combination of positive steps – Increase your Energy

It is very rarely one big thing that upsets your health and well-being but more a combination of negative aspects that build up over time, making your body less resilient to the stresses and strains of living. When the body is bogged down with a multitude of small but on-going imbalances it will find it harder to cope with a sudden emergency or trauma or have no energy left over to have fun. The route to energy recovery involves addressing the negative aspects that have lead to, or are maintaining, a strain on the body, and introducing a combination of positive steps that will improve your health.

Don’t clog your system up with unnecessary toxins – Increase your Energy

Your body produces plenty of toxins of its own so if you want to run your body at a high level of stimulation, you need to keep it as clear as possible. Anything chemical, complex or processed and anything that over-stimulates or upsets the body will generate more toxins. If you want lots of energy, don’t push your system into overload or irritate it with small but persistent abuses without giving it a break.

Give your body time to clear up the mess – Increase your Energy

Any sort of stimulation, whether it is positive or negative, will use up resources and generate wear and tear, so you need to give your body time to rest and restore. Exercise, for example, is a useful stress-relieving tool and a good way of keeping healthy but it is something that instigates the stress response and therefore has the ability to drain resources and generate damage from oxidation and toxic build up. The reason your body builds up muscle and stamina through physical activity is due to your demand – it’s a case of ‘use it or lose it’. Too little activity causes wasting because if you don’t express a demand, the body sees no reason why it should put effort into maintaining muscle you appear not to need. When you exercise regularly you are asking your body to do an action again and again. If your body initially finds it cannot fulfill your demand because it does not have enough energy or strength, it will concentrate on improvements. Your body will build new cells to hold more energy and add strength to muscles to achieve an easy and successful result. However, it can only do that building work while you are in a state of rest and relaxation – therefore, if you want to be fit, you also need to relax.

Maintain your energy levels – Increase your Energy

Take small steps throughout the day to keep your energy high, rather than waiting for it to fall before you address it -it’s a lot easier. Remember to do your micro relaxation breaks, keep topping up your fluid levels and eat regular meals. Look out for those early warning signs and ask yourself why you are starting to feel tired. Is it because you have not had a break for ages, not had breakfast or not had a drink perhaps? Don’t wait until your body has run out of energy because you will be more inclined to reach for those damaging short-term, quick-fix solutions. Aim for long-term energy maintenance by keeping up with your body’s demands.

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