Monthly Archive: August 2010

Aug 03

Stress and Its Effects on the Body – Stress Articles

Stress, if left unattended for very long can cause long-standing health issues and can even cut your lifespan down considerably. Steps have to be taken in order to lengthen and increase the longevity of your life. Stress not only wreaks havoc on the individual who has it, it often rubs off to family members and close friends as well. If friends and family see that you are having a hard time with stress and related stressful issues, they may begin to experience it as well.

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Aug 02

How to Prevent the Backlog Building Up of Body Maintenance

It is perfectly natural that in the process of using your body you will generate maintenance jobs for it to do. This could be cell repair or renewal, toxin disposal or processing new resources. These jobs have to be stacked up until your body has time to deal with them during rest, therefore to maintain a healthy balance you have to ensure that these jobs never get too big or that your body has the time and resources to sort them out before new jobs appear.

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Aug 01

The Truth about Collagen Injections – Health Article

For starters, collagen injections are one of the most com­fortable procedures out there, thanks to the lidocaine, a local anesthetic, that’s already premixed in the syringe. To make the entire process completely painless, a patient can choose to numb the area that will be treated with a thick coating of a cream that also contains lidocaine. Some patients choose to undergo the procedure without this extra step, while others happily ask for it and use the additional thirty minutes of wait­ing time to catch up on their magazines. The cream is then removed, the procedure is performed, and the skin remains numb for approximately an hour afterward.

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