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How to Prevent the Backlog Building Up of Body Maintenance

How to Prevent the Backlog Building Up

It is perfectly natural that in the process of using your body you will generate maintenance jobs for it to do. This could be cell repair or renewal, toxin disposal or processing new resources. These jobs have to be stacked up until your body has time to deal with them during rest, therefore to maintain a healthy balance you have to ensure that these jobs never get too big or that your body has the time and resources to sort them out before new jobs appear. If this doesn’t happen, a backlog will start to build up. Now imagine that you have a big jug inside your body that contains this backlog – just as your drawer or cupboard contains your outstanding paperwork. This storage space allows your body to deal with the continuing ongoing or immediate tasks at hand without disruption. If the amount of work builds up due to lack of time and resources then your jug will start to fill. Initially, this shouldn’t be a problem because there will be plenty of room in the jug. Over time you may experience a few niggling little health problems and a drop in stamina as it starts to fill – although they are problems that can be easily suppressed with a potion, lotion or energy-boosting stimulant. However, these symptoms are early warning signs and if the cause of them is not addressed and the overload continues, the jug will keep on filling up. Originally these small, unnecessary jobs were not a priority but, the longer they are left, the more of a problem they become.

As the amount of unresolved jobs and their urgency grows, so does the speed at which your jug fills up because your body is finding it harder to function effectively. Health problems could now become chronic and more severe but remain either undiagnosed or incurable. In this case, all your doctor can do is give you stronger drugs to deal with the symptoms. This means that you can still function but it also means that the cause is left unresolved and the jug continues to fill. Finally your jug will become so full that it will start to overflow. This is the point when the body forces you to stop, as it cannot continue. Unfortunately you will think that whatever it was that pushed you over the edge – be it an illness, emotional trauma or accident – is the reason for your poor state of health when in fact the initial problem could have started well before that as a result of a multitude of small but growing stresses over a period of time. A healthy body is designed to deal with trauma and illness, but a weakened one cannot.

Once you have had time to rest, a degree of recovery will occur but if no effort is made to empty the jug then it will only take one small problem to push you back over the edge into chronic ill health and fatigue. When I was ill, any slight improvement made me want to go out and take over the world – but, of course, acting on this urge always resulted in an immediate decline. So take it from me, if you don’t give your body an opportunity to clear up the backlog and give it the resources to do so, then your jug will always be overflowing. If you want to say yes to good health then the first thing you need to do is look at the demands, requirements and well-being of your body because when your body says no, what it’s really saying is ‘I need help’.

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