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How to Treat Wrinkles – Science Articles – Health

How to Treat Wrinkles

Ah, wrinkles. Wrinkles seem to be the symbol for aging, and they are the focus of nearly every slick advertisement for skin care flashing across your television screen. A preoccupation with all types of lines and wrinkles is likely to start in a woman’s late twenties to early thirties, when she sees the first indica­tion that she’s no longer a teenager. In younger women, the presence of wrinkles is usually linked to a premature degener­ation of collagen and elastin from sun damage. In time, how­ever, everyone, including people who were diligent about sun protection, will end up with some wrinkles.

Treat wrinkles

Because this problem has many reasons for being, the solution is just as multifaceted. First, one of the easiest approaches to reducing wrinkles is to keep the skin amply moisturized, since any type of dryness may exaggerate them, particularly around the delicate eye area. Last, start incorporating products with retinoids, which are proven to increase collagen, in turn alleviating wrinkling. Your dermatologist can guide you toward the right formula for your specific level of wrinkling. It’s also a good idea to supple­ment your skin care regimen with products rich in antioxi­dants, such as green tea and grape seed extract, which protect the skin from further damage.

What You Can Expect

Once a wrinkle has made itself comfortable on your skin, it’s nearly impossible to remove altogether with topical treat­ments. But if you become vigilant about avoiding sun damage and stick to a consistent skin care routine, you can expect those pesky crit­ters to become softer and more diffused.

Supplement It With

Almost every in-office cosmetic procedure is aimed at reduc­ing the appearance of all types of wrinkles. People with only minor lines can start small (a light acid peel or a series of micro dermabrasion treatments), while more serious cases can benefit from any number of procedures known to stimulate collagen, such as lasers and deeper peels.

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