Feb 10

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Worldwide Charity – We love to help | Short Science Articles

Charity – Worldwide Charity has always been our main initiative for entering the web world. Even the choice of our niche – to write short science articles, was to help our visitors around the world. Doing and giving something back for the community and the world is our motto, and we live by it day in and day out.

It has been a little less than 3 years for www.explainstuff.com and we are pleased to say that we shared more than half of our earnings back to the world some way or the other. Whether it to be various contributions to American Red cross, or our major contribution towards an unforgettable Tsunami to Japan, various earthquakes around the world, whether it be to Blue Cross Blue Shield, whether it be our monthly contributions to various local charities, Explain stuff, has always been on track to achieve the goal we have set for ourselves. We plan on reaching this goal by contributing to worldwide charities.

Writing short science articles, not only earns accolades from our user base by educating them, but rather in turn gives us immense satisfaction of helping out users like you day in and day out when you visit our website, read articles and leave comments. Explainstuff also participated in a few fund raising and various volunteer programs in and around Boston.

An example of the contributions we made was to a very disturbing accident. This year we also made a significant contribution towards one of our friends who met with an auto accident in Texas. The accident involving a car and an 18 wheeler, injured two of our friends in the car. One of them suffered minor injuries, while the other faced severe injuries, damaging her spine, and a traumatic brain injury. We not only provided our part of a minuscule effort to help them financially, but also helped the word reach in and around the community.

We will continue to write Short science articles you like and will inform you of a variety of issues. This year we will aim to reach the goal of doing enough charity equal to what we did in last three years combined. We hope we have your support and encouragement to reach this goal. Don’t forget to share about this valuable website and the valuable Short articles!

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