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Why Sachin Tendulkar will not score a century anytime soon

Why Sachin will not score a century anytime soon


The God of batting. The most respected cricketer. Most followed cricketer ever in the game. A sportsman with most fans. Leading run scorer in the game of cricket. Probably the most known name in India. It is no wonder to say that citizens of India might not recognize the President/Prime Minister of the country but will for sure recognize Sachin R Tendulkar anywhere. They glue to the idiot box, radios, big screens when he bats, whether it be a 3 year old or a 105 year old waiting for him to lift his bat. His beautiful cover drives, splendid square cuts, ravishing straight drives mesmerize crowds better than any cheerleader.

A tireless cricketer, he has shown no respite in any format of the game. He has copious records to his name whether it be Test Cricket, ODIs or IPL, forget about first class. Just thinking about the number of runs he has scored so far – over 35000 excluding about 25000 in First class, is mind boggling. How can a little person like Sachin R Tendulkar would have scored so many runs! It is amazing to even think of a person stay in the field, run those runs, score those boundaries and sixes to compile huge stats like that one!
All of this being said and him becoming a legend, he is not going to score his 100th century anytime soon. It’s not because Sachin is incapable of scoring one. Or not because Sachin Tendulkar’s technique has changed. Not because Sachin’s attitude towards the game has changed. Not because of anything we can think of to attribute to his lack of centuries. The reason is simple and straightforward. It is because of us. You and me included. It id because of the Indian fans, he will not score his 100th century anytime soon. Yes, you heard me right. It is because of us.


Now before you come after me with an axe, listen to what I have to say J.

Believe it or not, we Indian cricket fans are very abrasive – we are honestly extremists at heart. We love, adore, and honor the sportsman when he is consistent and is contributing to the team. We worship the cricketer. We pray for his success attributing his success to ours.  We forget our sorrows and pray God for his success in a cricket match even before asking anything for ourselves.  How many of us have his name as the answer to the security question: Who is your childhood hero?

At the same time, if it gets tough for the cricketer and if the legend gets out a few times for low scores, there will be howlers calling for him to give up. The same people who worshiped him as the Lord, doubt his abilities. We try to find excuses to bring him down. People start saying, “Sachin is getting old”, “He is getting defensive”, “Sachin needs a break”, “Sachin’s body is no longer agile enough”, “Sachin is losing his stroke play”.  What ever might the reason behind be, we have no difficulty leaving him. This is in most cases because of the love towards the game and not an individual.


The day after Sachin scores his 100th century, there will be call for him to retire. There will be pressure on him from all the sides, fans, alumni of cricket, family, relatives etc asking him to retire as he has conquered the world of cricket. Sachin R Tendulkar, who has been playing the game of cricket more than the age of many of his fans, knows this. He is aware of the fact that he might/will lose support of his fans if he falters. His subconscious knows that if there is something to keep howlers away, he can still enjoy the game to the utmost.  This is the main reason he hasn’t scored a century in the last year, and will not score one in the next few months.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying he deliberately wants to get out in the 90 often, even though he is capable of scoring more. His subconscious knows this and he ends up playing a risky shot giving a chance to the opposition. Just think about it his average in the last year isn’t really low. It is just that he hasn’t converted his 90’s into 100’s.

I am going a step ahead to say, he will not score a century even in the upcoming Asia cup. He will get out before reaching a 100 even against Bangladesh. The more you think about it, what he is doing currently is better both for his as well as the cricketing nation. Who will be able to replace Sachin Tendulkar and score at his rate irrespective of whether they score a century or not?

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