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Nausea in Pregnancy – Remedies – Health and Science Article

Nausea in Pregnancy – Remedies


More than three quarters of pregnant women experience mild to severe nausea and vomitings during pregnancy, more commonly during first trimester. In cases of mild nausea some relative simple measures and remedies can help a lot, making being pregnant easier. Although most of these measures don’t have strong medical evidence of reducing nausea, these are strongly supported by many obstetricians, midwives and pregnant women by experience.

Don’t Jump out of Bed: Nausea Pregnancy Remedies

Just don’t jump out of bed immediately after waking up in the morning. Sit up on the bed for a few minutes and relax which can help in keeping down reflexes.

Eat Frequently Small Quantities: Nausea Pregnancy Remedies

One of the causes of nausea during pregnancy is empty stomach. Empty stomach propels gas reflex which can result in nausea and vomiting. So it is advised to eat frequently never allowing empty stomach. Also having frequent intake of foods during pregnancy always keeps the gas reflex down thereby preventing nausea

Selection of Food:Nausea Pregnancy Remedies

Having simple snacks such as crackers, saltines can help to prevent nausea. Try to avoid the foods, the smell/taste of which triggers nausea. Even if preventing such foods includes most of the foods, it is recommended to stick to foods that don’t trigger nausea. Have foods that appease your senses even it commands you to repeat foods. Sometimes it is better to stick foods at room temperature, as hot steaming foods give stronger aromas which may trigger nausea. Avoiding fatty, acidic and spicy foods can help to reduce nausea.

Drinking Fluids: Nausea Pregnancy Remedies

Keep drinking fluids continuously between meals to keep body hydrated. It is important to maintain fluid ratio in the body, to avoid gas reflexes and thereby nausea. Cold carbonated beverages may help to reduce nausea.

Ginger:Nausea Pregnancy Remedies

Having foods/drinks with ginger can help to relieve the queasiness of stomach. Ginger ale, ginger tea, candies having ginger may help to relieve nausea.

Atmosphere and others: Nausea Pregnancy Remedies

A warm or stuffy room can trigger nausea. Allow exposure to free air, to relax the body. A pleasant mind can always help to keep nausea reflexes down. Doing yoga/meditation can help to ease tensions and relax the body. Nausea will be high if you are tired. So it is advised to take frequent naps whenever possible, or deviate yourself from tensions by chatting with a friend/partner or watching a movie.

Medications: Nausea Pregnancy Remedies

There are many medications to keep nausea down, that can be used by doctor’s prescription. You can always ask your doctor if prenatal vitamins with low dose of iron can be prescribed because iron can trigger nausea. Having prenatal vitamins with food or at nights can prevent nausea. If nausea is at its peak and you can’t keep anything down, ask your doctor for a suppository to relieve the symptoms.

It is always important to avoid nausea triggers in your environment to prevent vomitings. If the nausea and vomitings are uncontrollable always seek medical attention as excess loss of fluids from body can lead to unconsciousness.



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