Mar 22

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Visitors Web Browser Market Share Comparison

Infographic on www.Explainstuff.com visitor’s web browser market share and trend.This infographic compares our visitors web browser usage from 2011 with the usage from 2012. Does microsoft now have new/renewed rivalry? Scroll below for the infographic. Click on the image to enlarge it. Additional comments at the end. Be the first to Share among your friends and let other webmasters know!!!!


Explainstuff visitors web browser market share

www.Explainstuff.com visitor's web browser market share comparison


Internet Explorer enjoyed the highest market share from our visitors in 2011. It still is the first choice of the users, but Safari and Opera seem to have eaten into it’s market share in the first 12 weeks of 2012.

Firefox sits at the second place both last year as well as this year with around 25% of the visitor’s opting for Firefox.
Chrome is the third preferred browser by the users of www.Explainstuff.com

Internet Explorer lost about 9 percentage points early 2012. It looks like most of it has been grabbed by Safari and Opera combinedly. Safari and Opera which had about 10 percentage points of visitor’s monitors combined, now enjoy a jump to 22 percentage points combined. A jump of 12 percentage points – which is quite phenomenal considering the short time frame. A look at the infographic suggests that most of this jump came from eating into IE’s market share ! So, is this an unseen new trouble for IE? Or is this just a misnomer? Are other webmasters seeing a change in your visitor’s web browser usage as prominent as this? Share your opinions! Something to ponder over seriously !

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