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We take an interesting fact or scientific discovery and explain it in detail. Visit Explain Stuff everyday and update your knowledge in various science related concepts and questions. Our articles encompass various fields of science like medicine, physics, space, chemistry, Maths, technology, computers, birth, death, beliefs, facts and fictions, geography, social, languages, and other general concepts and questions.

Enjoy your stay, share the knowledge and please keep it clean.

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Note: All the concepts being posted are just our opinions and understanding of concepts. Please point out any errors or misleading answers in comments. No kind of legal action can be taken regarding the accuracy of the posts.

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We prohibit usage or copying of our content without specific linkages. If you have to or like to copy our content to somewhere, please link it with the page that you are copying from. Any pages on the internet that are copies from our website without linking, will be reported and legal action will be …

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Everybody wants to learn anything new whenever possible right from birth! As an infant we grasp everything we see and hear. In schools and colleges we learn what books teach us…. It is because of this ‘Book-Teaching’ we stop learning after schools….. Most of us need a start. We get that start from teachers/books in …

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Resources and Accumulation – Short Science Articles  Explain Stuff now comprises of about 100 quality articles. This number is ever growing, actually growing every day. The more responses and requests we get the more articles that will be posted on explain stuff. We try to keep the science articles, simple, short, and precise. Any science article or concept …

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Junior Java Programmer Details: Field of Work: IT / Software Development Specialization: Software / Web-Application Development Job Title: Junior Java Programmer (0-3 years of experience) City / Region: TX-Dallas Employment type: Full time Payrate: Competitive Description: is a provider of e-commerce, .com, integration, and web development products. Explain Stuff also takes responsibility in growing …

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  2. Jhangora

    Cool website. I really like the concept. Good luck!

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  4. admin

    Thanks a lot for dropping by!

    Yes, I am currently concentrating on writing quality posts and hopefully people find them interesting too. That way we will have more users and they will generate more interesting topics and discussions on a day to day basis.

    Also I’ve just added a charity – and jobs – and hopefully will be able to help others.

    Enjoy your stay at !

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