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Junior Java Programmer


Field of Work: IT / Software Development
Specialization: Software / Web-Application Development
Job Title: Junior Java Programmer (0-3 years of experience)
City / Region: TX-Dallas
Employment type: Full time
Payrate: Competitive


A fascinating fact a day

A fascinating fact a day

is a provider of e-commerce, .com, integration, and web development products. Explain Stuff also takes responsibility in growing awareness about participating in charity and social programs. Explainstuff also participates in a good number of Charity events.

We are in need of a very enthusiastic and energetic Junior level Java Programmer. Most qualifying skills would be the urge to learn and understand concepts at a fast pace.
The Junior programmer’s primary responsibilities would be, but not only limited to, code for ExplainStuff on web based applications, do integrations with various tools for client applications, develop web products. You will be mainly doing HTML, JSP, Servlets and some spring and hibernate.
Knowledge of SQL and/or Oracle is a plus.

Mandatory Skills:

Stand-out Skills:

Javascript Spring
JSP Hibernate
Servlets SQL
Eclipse Oracle


  1. Employees might need to rarely lift weights up to 50lbs at work.
  2. Employees might also need to rarely travel on business purposes.
  3. Contact ExplainStuff regarding all other queries.


  1. ExplainStuff reserves the right to decline any individual if we do not feel you are the ideal candidate, or if the position is cancelled.
  2. ExplainStuff is an Equal Oppurtunity employer.

Please subscribe and send your resumes to jobs@explainstuff.com
Good Luck!!!

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  1. Jay Joel Malaluan

    I’m interested to apply for the Java Programmer post. Where can I send my resume?

    1. admin

      Please send resumes over to jobs@explainstuff.com

  2. Jobs


    I found your site from Reddit. I want to share this with you since you were nice enough to share with me.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll check out the rest of your site now.

  3. satish srivastava

    hi, i am intresetd plz provide me with ur mail deatils so thati can forward my resume to u.

    1. admin

      Hey Satish,

      Thank you for your interest in Explainstuff. I’m sorry to let you know of this, but, I do not think I can submit your resume to them.

      I’m taking my time and making these comments only to help you with your applications in the future. Please do not take it personally.

      Two comments:

      1) When someone does not completely read a job posting where it clearly states where they should email the resume, I don’t think any owner/recruiter/networker/poster would be too interested in working with them.

      2) When an applicant posts one sentence which does not have more than 15 words, but ‘spells terribly’ (intresetd, deatils, thati), does not use punctuation (hi, i), uses ‘plz’ and ‘u’ in a job application, I do not think even if that resume is submitted, it would be short listed.

      Hopefully, you’ll remember those two points!

      Thanks again for your interest in ExplainStuff.

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