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Resources and Accumulation

ExplainStuff.com – Short Science Articles 

Explain Stuff now comprises of about 100 quality articles. This number is ever growing, actually growing every day. The more responses and requests we get the more articles that will be posted on explain stuff.

We try to keep the science articles, simple, short, and precise. Any science article or concept we take up, will be explained briefly in around 500 – 600 words so that the interest of the users doesn’t die. We love explainstuff users and visitors who start discussions on these topics. User comments not only add value to our science articles, but help us knowing what topics they are interested in.

A few of the articles posted on explainstuff.com earlier have been taken from a collection of email posts from Know2Day. We have stopped taking these articles now, because, we have noticed that these articles were copied and not original. We always would like to keep our content original and promise that we will always keep this word. If you find any posts that you think might be copied from other sites, or if you fear that your content is copied, please notify the admin at admin@explainstuff.com

Also please read our privacy policy.

Visit us everyday and update your knowledge in medicine, physics, space, chemistry, Maths, technology, computers, birth, death, beliefs, facts and fictions, geography, social, languages, and other general issues.

ExplainStuff.com – Short Science Articles

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    Why aren’t websites like this with articles on x General Articles more popular?

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