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Explain Stuff
Everybody wants to learn anything new whenever possible right from birth!
As an infant we grasp everything we see and hear. In schools and colleges we learn what books teach us…. It is because of this ‘Book-Teaching’ we stop learning after schools…..

Most of us need a start. We get that start from teachers/books in schools, but after we leave schools…do we know everything? Don’t we need to still keep abreast with the world? Then why do we stop showing eagerness to learn more?

I am taking the initiative at http://www.explainstuff.com to get a concept/fact everyday.  I will write a post everyday and I want you to get more info regarding that concept/post and share with all the other users. I will only give a start on the concept, explain stuff about it and I want US all to learn the concept to the core at explainstuff.com!

So, get started… post some comments on today’s topic and lets learn more !


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