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Science Articles

Science Articles

Why do we read science articles?

Almost all of us like to keep up to date information on many issues. We read news papers, check online news, talk to friends. We listen to people who bring some new news with an open jaw. This is made possible by the curiosity and the reception of the human brain which constantly needs some new information to process.

Even though we like to know newer things, most of us don’t like to sit with a news paper and go through each and every line of the news paper… that takes too long to read. We like to know what is going on around us, and then dig deeper into what interests us most at that instance.

Some, like to read news articles about ever improving technology. Did they finally release that Big screen television with online capabilities? What does that new iPhone do? Should I get an iPad or a normal netbook? Did some company come up with a car that gives a better mileage than Prius for a better price?

Some want to know what is going on in the Medical field? How to cure certain diseases? What are the preventive measures one can take to avoid certain diseases or health conditions? Are there any new drugs that have been approved? These people like to read all health and medicine articles.

Some like to read about space articles. What is going on at the International Space Station? What will happen to Discover after it’s final mission? Will they keep it in a museum or will they just park in one of those humongous parking stations at some aerospace center? Is the thought of starting a civilization even a feasible idea?

We know a lot of people who do everything to lose weight. They read a lot of books, newspapers, fitness articles, and even go to the extents of getting surgeries to decrease their appetites. These people are so interested in health and fitness that they can’t stop learning new things and read every article that touches on health and fitness.

We can go on like this for a long time. Everybody is attracted to one type of article or the other. We have made our best to keep the articles short, because we know most of us don’t have time to read an article that is 10 pages on ‘where NASA might store DISCOVERY’ or ‘Comparison between iPad and some netbook’.

Pick the category that you like the most and read through the science articles and let us know how you like them! not only delivers news, details, information on a variety of categories. In order for it to make it interesting for everyone, we categorized our articles into different categories. They are all listed below. Go ahead read them and let us know about the quality of our short articles.

Short Science Articles

Short Computer Articles

Short Health and Medicine Articles

Short General Articles

Short Money Articles

Short Technology Articles

Short Programming Articles

Short Plant and Animal Articles

Short Universe Articles

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