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Jul 31

The Benefits from Botox Treatment – Health Article

It’s been proved that Botox helps with migraine headaches, a debilitating condition. The reason isn’t exactly clear, but I sus­pect that the muscle-relaxing effect of Botox has something to do with it. Another theory is that Botox has a positive effect on the pain transmitters in the face. A few years ago I treated a patient who I thought was exaggerating when she said her headache had disappeared immediately after she was injected with Botox. Today, however, I’m a believer in this application. Recently another patient told me that her crippling headaches had kept her home from work for two weeks and that to her, Botox was truly heaven-sent. Even one of the nurses in my Miami office uses Botox for this purpose; her headaches are so severe that she often has to turn off the lights in her office and rest her head. For many, the instant relief that Botox delivers in just a shot or two—with relief lasting as long as four months— is far more desirable than taking an endless stream of pain med­ication. Of course, no one complains about the side benefits!

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Jul 28

Benefits of Mechanical Ventilation System

Natural ventilation has its shortcoming: on days when there is little wind, some parts of the house will be poorly ventilated; on cold days, the incoming air may be too cold for comfort; or you may have hay fever and need to shut windows during the pollen season. The effects of in­adequate ventilation include increased interior humidity and higher levels of interior pollutants.

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