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Jul 25

Causes of Allergies – Family and Lifestyle Factors

Allergic problems tend to run in families, and the likelihood of a child developing an allergy is increased if one or both parents suffer from this problem. If both parents are allergic, the risk is 75 percent; if one parent is allergic, the risk is 50 percent. On average, between 10 and 20 percent of the population is allergic, although this is higher in certain age groups due to the increasing development of allergic problems in children. There is research evidence suggesting that the types of allergic disease the parents suffer from may influence the types of allergy their children develop. This is due to the inherited nature of the response to allergens and the body’s response to the allergic reaction.

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Jul 15

Allergic Causes – Household Air Pollution – Allergy Article

Most people spend more than 75 percent of their time inside, so their exposure to many common air pollutants is determined by the level of these substances found inside rather than outside. Air quality in a building will vary widely from one building to another depending on a variety of factors, including the production of chemicals and gases emitted from heating devices, internal fittings, and structural components. Another important factor in determining the level pf air pollution inside is the rate of removal of these substances, which depends on how well your home is ventilated.

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Jul 09

What is an Allergy ? What causes allergic reactions ?

An adverse immune response is the body’s attempt to kill or expel a foreign protein that has invaded it. From the body’s perspective, therefore, an allergic reaction is a protective mechanism. While immune reactions can occur in response to viruses or bacteria – and, on occasions, inappropriately to the body’s own proteins allergic reactions usually occur in response to external, non-infectious substances.

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