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Jun 08

What is a Live CD? Explainstuff – fact of the day

A Live CD is a bootable compact disk that contains its own Operating System (OS). Booting to a Live CD allows a user to try out alternate operating systems without making changes to the computer’s existing OS, hard drives or files. Read more about Live CD here:

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Jun 03

What is ‘Muscle Memory’? – Explain Stuff – Unconscious Scientific concept of the day.

Muscle memory can best be described as a type of movement with which the muscles become familiar over time. For instance, newborns don’t have muscle memory for activities like crawling, scooting or walking. The only way for the muscles to become accustomed to these activities is for the baby to learn how to do these things and then practice them with a great deal of trial and error. Gradually, as the baby becomes a skilled walker, he falls less, is able to balance, and finally is able to incorporate other activities into his life such as running.

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May 29

Explain what is a macro? – Concept of the day.

A macro is a series of keyboard strokes recorded by an application. These keystrokes often represent commands within a piece of software which are combined to reduce the work needed to perform the functions. Macros are then stored within the application to allow for repeated use.

When recording a macro within an application like Microsoft Word, the keyboard strokes or commands get bound to a shortcut key or stored within a toolbar making them accessible via the mouse.

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