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Feb 15

Define Credit Report | Credit Report Definition | Definition of Credit Report

You would have heard of the words credit report and credit score more than a few times already. In this financially trouble times, learning and being knowledgeable about credit is very important. When people refer to these phrases, they more often than not, use these two phrases – credit report and credit score – interchangeably. Many people think they both refer to the same thing. But they do not! They are related but not the same !

Some of our visitors requested us to do a series of articles discussing about credit reports, credit scores, credit bureaus, how to increase your credit score, how to clean up credit reports, how to clean bad credit scores and many other related articles. And so here we are… Hopefully the short articles at explainstuff.com will meet your expectations in defining and explaining what a credit report is.

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Feb 12

Do you have an accurate credit report? | Short Credit Articles

A credit report is something that should be checked at least on a yearly basis. It becomes incredibly important because you never know when there will be a discrepancy in your reports. The most common problem that people face with their credit report is identity theft. When you’re ordering your credit report, always make sure that you order data from all three major credit reporting bureaus.

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