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May 29

Explain what is a macro? – Concept of the day.

A macro is a series of keyboard strokes recorded by an application. These keystrokes often represent commands within a piece of software which are combined to reduce the work needed to perform the functions. Macros are then stored within the application to allow for repeated use.

When recording a macro within an application like Microsoft Word, the keyboard strokes or commands get bound to a shortcut key or stored within a toolbar making them accessible via the mouse.

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May 05

Some fascinting Mind Blowing facts – Explain stuff – Facts of the Day

This is a small list of a few mind blowing facts. These are 15 facts. http://www.explainstuff.com explains facts or posts concepts everyday and explains them. Visit and bookmark explainstuff.com and improve your knowledge base.

Read the facts here:

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Apr 21

Explain Stuff – What is perl?

Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) , is an interpreted programming language with a huge number of uses, libraries and resources. Arguably one of the most discussed and used languages on the internet, Perl was first brought into being by Larry Wall circa 1987 as a general purpose Unix scripting language to process mail on Unix systems and since extended by a huge cast of characters.

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