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Aug 11

Food Allergies in Children, Symptoms, treatment

Children are most prone to food allergies, though both children and adults can be affected by food allergies. Food allergy can start off from as simple and common symptoms as rashes, stomach pain, dark circles under eyes, nausea, or hyperactivity. It is usually
Food Allergy Definition and Explanation:
A food allergy is the abnormal response that your body’s immune system generates when it feels that the food that you consume is harmful to the body.
These allergies can sometimes in turn cause serious illness or death. You can be allergic to any kind or variety of food, but most popular food allergies are cause due to peanut, tree nut, wheat, soy fish, egg and milk. People who have food allergies should prevent consuming them because, even mild and non severe reactions can cause illness and in rare cases lead to death.

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