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Jul 19

Dealing with Depression and Gender Bias

Studies by psychologists and psychiatrists alike have shown that depression tends to associate itself based on gender. When the patient amongst the subjects conducted was believed to be female, they were more likely than not to be diagnosed of a hysterical personality, believed to be more of a ‘women’s disorder’. Whenever the subject of the diagnosis was a male, they were more often than not diagnosed as having an antisocial personality, which is deemed most commonly as a ‘male disorder’.

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Jul 16

Asthma Causes and Symptoms – What You Must Know

The onset of asthma commonly takes place in childhood, but it can start at any age. For most children with asthma (about 80 percent), and for more than half the adult sufferers, there is an allergic basis for their disease – this means that being in contact with a specific allergen makes their symptoms worse. This exposure may occur only periodically, such as when you visit the home of a cat-owning friend, or it can be continuous, as with the allergens resident in your home. Common allergens in the home are those relating to house-dust mites, cockroaches, and to pets.

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Jun 06

Heart Attack – Symptoms, Misdiagnosis and Warning signs – Short Medical Article

The causes of a heart attack, symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, warning signs and necessary measures to be taken in the fatal event of a heart attack are explained in this medical article related to Heart Attack.

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