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Jun 15

What is Ice Age? How and when does it occur?

An Ice Age is a period of time, typically about 30 million years but occasionally as long as 300 million years, during which ice sheets cover at least the Earth’s polar areas. Individual Ice Ages have sub-Ice Ages, called glacials (when cold) or interglacials (when warmer) that operate in cycles of 40,000 and 100,000 years. When the term “Ice Age” is used colloquially, it often refers to these shorter glacials, periods when the ice caps extend significantly beyond the poles and into the hearts of continents such as North America and Eurasia.

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May 12

Explain Memory Leaks – Explain stuff – Fact of the day

We many times encounter slowing browsers, slowing computers, slowing applications and wonder what in the world is wrong with them.
Most often than not, it is an issue with Memory Leaks. In this post ‘explain stuff’ explains us how memory leaks form so that you have a better understanding of the problem and tackle it with scientific knowledge rather than just beating the bush around.

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