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Mar 22

Visitors Web Browser Market Share Comparison

Explainstuff visitors web browser market share

Internet Explorer lost about 9 percentage points early 2012. It looks like most of it has been grabbed by Safari and Chrome. Safari and Chrome which had about 10 percentage points of visitor’s monitors combined, now enjoy a jump to 22 percentage points. A jump of 12 percentage points – which is quite phenomenal. A look at the infographic suggests that most of this jump came from eating into IE’s market share ! So, is this trouble for IE? Or is this just a misnomer?

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Apr 23

Explain Stuff: Fact of The Day: How great brands got their names? Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, yahoo, Cisco….

Ever wondered how Apple Computers got it’s name? An Apple to represent a computer maker? That sounds very interesting! This article tells us how Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, Lotus, compaq, corel, hotmail, hewlett packard, intel, sony got their names! Read more to know how !

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Apr 16

Fact of The Day – What is that Error?

While you are working along with your computer and suddenly the screen flashes, the computer or application stops, an error message flashes on the screen, and everything comes to a screeching halt and/or your system restarts. But, what was that error?

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