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May 18

World’s first Rocket warfare – Explain Stuff Fact of the day.

Explain stuff takes a step into the World’s history and explains how and who used World’s first Rocket Warfare. Today’s Fact of the day talks about Chinese invention, Tipu Sultan – First to use rockets in wars, British – who upgraded the initial rockets, anglo-mysore wars, and about APJ Abdul Kalam who touched this topic in his renowned book “Wings of Fire”

Read on to enjoy today’s fact of the day.

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May 06

Explain Stuff – What is a mirror site? – Fact of the day

A mirror site is a copy of a website or set of files hosted at a remote location. There are a number of reasons to establish a mirror site. You may be familiar with the idea of a mirror site, especially if you have ever downloaded software and been asked to pick from a list of download locations. Each location in the list was a mirror site.

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