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Feb 20

Best Student Credit Cards with no credit – Choosing and Applying

First and foremost, don’t get a credit card. Period. Or even if you get it, as soon as it arrives at your home or dorm, put it in a locker somewhere where you don’t have access every now and then. This serves two purposes. It does help you in building your credit as you would have a card on file. And it still doesn’t put you on the hook because of those tempting purchases you made as you were lured by the available credit. That awesome looking Macbook that your dorm mate bought on credit for a 1000 bucks will eventually cost him way more than that. Just buy what you can afford and pay right then and there out of pocket… not our of credit.

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Aug 03

Stress and Its Effects on the Body – Stress Articles

Stress, if left unattended for very long can cause long-standing health issues and can even cut your lifespan down considerably. Steps have to be taken in order to lengthen and increase the longevity of your life. Stress not only wreaks havoc on the individual who has it, it often rubs off to family members and close friends as well. If friends and family see that you are having a hard time with stress and related stressful issues, they may begin to experience it as well.

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Aug 02

How to Prevent the Backlog Building Up of Body Maintenance

It is perfectly natural that in the process of using your body you will generate maintenance jobs for it to do. This could be cell repair or renewal, toxin disposal or processing new resources. These jobs have to be stacked up until your body has time to deal with them during rest, therefore to maintain a healthy balance you have to ensure that these jobs never get too big or that your body has the time and resources to sort them out before new jobs appear.

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