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Jul 06

Advantages of Online Press releases

A good story released through a reputed press release site with a link to your website has the potential to attract a lot of traffic to your site. You therefore have managed to pull in an audience that might not have otherwise had the opportunity to look at your site and know the business you are engaged in.
This can also help you in your brand building exercise and is a much viable and cheaper option than going in for expensive marketing initiatives to achieve the same. Frequent press releases through appropriate and reputed press release submission sites will ensure that your target audience will surely place an inquiry or solicit more information about your company’s products or services sooner than later.

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Jun 27

How Internet articles can build your business

No doubt you have come across some very informative articles online, and while many of them might have been from sources that were not credible, no doubt you found many that did answer questions you had and were from credible sources. Information is power, and in this case it can mean money.
Why do you think companies provide free information or will offer resources about topics in their field? It’s the same reason why we have infomercials or why drug companies fund research or car and petroleum companies fund energy research projects. They know that if the research should prove successful, it could mean big bucks for them.

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Jun 21

What is smoking? What makes smoking addictive? Social impact?

Smoking is a major addictive phenomenon that swept through the whole world as plague since the early 6th century BC. Trade routes, expansions of kingdoms have increased the impact and brought newer methods of usage of tobacco into existence. This article discusses about What is smoking? What are the ingredients in Tobacco that make smoking addictive? and a brief touch up on the history of smoking and the social impact it has.

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