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Mar 07

What causes runny nose when eating?

Runny nose Rex

We honestly appreciates requests like this question. Hopefully, this article not only answers the question of the person who sent us the email request, but to many others. Many, for that matter, most of us have the issue of a runny nose when eating, whether the food be spicy or not. But for some, the runny nose while eating is more prominent than others. For some unfortunate people the body reflexes quickly and more in terms of quantity than others. Do not worry too much about this. You might not have any serious issues with your health, if this is the only issue you have.

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Jul 29

Common Cold – Cure, Remedy and Treatment

‘The cure for the common cold.’ It might be one of the most elusive but often searched for remedy in the world. At one point or another almost everyone struggles with a common cold treatment. Sometimes they work, sometimes they are old wives tales that really have no ability to cure the common cold at all. Click the title to read more in depth about Common Cold.

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Jul 27

What is Postpartum? Postpartum exercises for ceasarian

Giving birth to a child is one of the most special and important things a woman does in her lifetime. Women focus on living well prior to their pregnancy and for the nine months they carry their little one below their heart. However, once the baby is born he or she quickly becomes all consuming and mom’s often lose sight of taking care of themselves. It is just as important for women to take care of themselves after childbirth as it is during pregnancy. This is no easy task given the often conflicting information about post partum exercise. Couple this with the complication of a cesarean delivery and recovery and the decisions easily become mind boggling. Click on the title to read more!

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