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Mar 07

What causes runny nose when eating?

Runny nose Rex

We honestly appreciates requests like this question. Hopefully, this article not only answers the question of the person who sent us the email request, but to many others. Many, for that matter, most of us have the issue of a runny nose when eating, whether the food be spicy or not. But for some, the runny nose while eating is more prominent than others. For some unfortunate people the body reflexes quickly and more in terms of quantity than others. Do not worry too much about this. You might not have any serious issues with your health, if this is the only issue you have.

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Jun 16

High Blood Pressure Diets |Foods to Avoid| Short Article

High Blood Pressure is not a condition that occurs overnight. We get it because of the food habits, psychological pressures, smoking, and the conditions around us overtime. The condition develops slowly and one day when you go to the doctor, you and the doctor both realize you have High blood pressure. There is no ‘one shot’, ‘one medication’ that the patient is given and then the patient lives ‘Happily ever after’! It is a longer process than that. Eating a good diet, regular exercise, will help you immensely in re-building your health. There are various healthy high blood pressure diets. Most of the high blood pressure diets avoid sodium and saturated fats. As you might have already read here, that one of the main reasons for High Blood Pressure is consumption of more salts and fatty foods.

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