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Aug 03

Stress and Its Effects on the Body – Stress Articles

Stress, if left unattended for very long can cause long-standing health issues and can even cut your lifespan down considerably. Steps have to be taken in order to lengthen and increase the longevity of your life. Stress not only wreaks havoc on the individual who has it, it often rubs off to family members and close friends as well. If friends and family see that you are having a hard time with stress and related stressful issues, they may begin to experience it as well.

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Jul 29

Stress and Its Crippling Effects

Stress is something we all deal with from time to time and stress can often be helpful or harmful. Depending on how often you feel stressed or know that you are indeed stressed, it can start to affect more than just your daily life. Stress is often the number one culprit of many health-related issues and can even be deadly. If not properly handled, stress can result in depression, heart disease and a whole slew of other illnesses and diseases of the body and mind. Now on the positive side of things, stress can be helpful at times. The aggravation can help push us to get things done that we need to do such as, meet deadlines, speak before an audience and many other scenarios.d

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May 14

Is there something special that you do when you are stressed out?

Usually reading a blog, reading something funny or interesting, gets the brain energized again. That’s what we learn when we were kids, usually each class lasted around 50-60 minutes, just for this one reason. But, somehow we miss that at work and hence the lack of interest and enthusiasm.

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