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Apr 23

Explain Stuff: Fact of The Day: How great brands got their names? Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, yahoo, Cisco….

Ever wondered how Apple Computers got it’s name? An Apple to represent a computer maker? That sounds very interesting! This article tells us how Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, Lotus, compaq, corel, hotmail, hewlett packard, intel, sony got their names! Read more to know how !

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Apr 17

Fact of the day: Journey to The Sun

A nasa spacecraft set to launch in 2015 will come eight times closer to the Sun than any previous probe, operating within the star’s scorching outer atmosphere, or corona. The $750 million Solar Probe will study the birthplace of the solar wind. During its expected seven-year lifetime, Solar Probe will make seven gravity slingshots around Venus, each time getting closer to the Sun.

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