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Sep 15

How to Treat Wrinkles – Science Articles – Health

Ah, wrinkles. Wrinkles seem to be the symbol for aging, and they are the focus of nearly every slick advertisement for skin care flashing across your television screen. A preoccupation with all types of lines and wrinkles is likely to start in a woman’s late twenties to early thirties, when she sees the first indica­tion that she’s no longer a teenager. In younger women, the presence of wrinkles is usually linked to a premature degener­ation of collagen and elastin from sun damage. In time, how­ever, everyone, including people who were diligent about sun protection, will end up with some wrinkles.

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Aug 01

The Truth about Collagen Injections – Health Article

For starters, collagen injections are one of the most com­fortable procedures out there, thanks to the lidocaine, a local anesthetic, that’s already premixed in the syringe. To make the entire process completely painless, a patient can choose to numb the area that will be treated with a thick coating of a cream that also contains lidocaine. Some patients choose to undergo the procedure without this extra step, while others happily ask for it and use the additional thirty minutes of wait­ing time to catch up on their magazines. The cream is then removed, the procedure is performed, and the skin remains numb for approximately an hour afterward.

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